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Lab Assignment  Review Power Point and start the creation of a video project

Review : The goal this quarter is to make you a "hacker" (problem solver) capable of figuring out how to ask and answer questions about computers and solve your computer problems.  Knowing exactly how to perform every function in programs is not the goal but vocabulary is important!   Without the appropriate term you cannot search for an answer!

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A GS104a Instructor will be available in the computer lab, lower level of library, to help if needed.  Check instructors office hours.
Review of terms from GS104a assignments and some new terms.  Many you know and have in your dictionary.  The terms with an "*" you will be expected to be able to define and give examples without accessing other sources.  Check with a GS104 instructor or the class assistant if you need help with these terms.  In addition to the class and text documentation you can also check this Glossary or Google for help with definitions you may not find.

From Text
  Normal view
  Outline Tab
  Slide tab
  Text Place holders
  New Slide button
  Slide layout task pane
  Outline tab
  Slide design task pane
  Normal view
  Slide sorter
  Slide show
  Print Preview
From Web: Basic Power Point
* Template
 Title slide
 Insert graphic
 Insert text box
 Insert slides
* Display mode
     *Slide view
     *Slide sorter
  *  Slide effects
  *Slide transitions
  *Edit tools
  *Save formats

The rest of this quarter we will work with some very interesting computer applications and we will create a web site to display our efforts.  First we will use PowerPoint to develop our video knowledge and ideas for a short movie.  Microsoft Paint will be reviewed for its graphic editing then we will take digital photos and develop basic photo editing skills. We will also shoot and edit digital video with iMovie to make a 3 minute movie. To start this process the following is your assignment for Monday.

(1) PowerPoint
Basic Power Point.
My Documents/SSTP_Documentation/IntroPC/INTROPC.doc                                         <------ review page 203-223

Examine the following documentation on PowerPoint.  Be prepared to know where to find the information, it is not necessary to remember exactly how to perform a task but you definitely need to know where to find instructions and be able to perform the task from the instructions if needed.
My Documents/SSTP_Documentation/PPT03/PPT03L1.doc & PPT03L2.doc                 <------just browse to know where to find  information about advanced PowerPoint functions

 (2) Start a new  presentation
in PowerPoint:
(a) On the first slide create a title page with the proposed title for your movie, your name, date and an appropriate graphic for your movie topic
(b) On the second slide write up a possible topic for a short movie.  This "high concept" proposal should be a few sentences followed by a list of major scenes.  The class will be divided into 3 groups and each group will choose one of the proposed movie projects from the members, so make yours the best!  On your PowerPOint add sound  to this second slide where you state in your best "professional speaking" voice the "high concept" of your proposal.  Check Microsoft Sound Recorder for  instrucions on creating a recording.

name your powerpoint file movidea.ppt  and save it in:
          My Documents/_GST104 Portfolio/10 Presentation/movidea.ppt

(3)  Introduction to digital images.  Nothing can be more boring then a slide show of vacation pictures are a home video.  We will try and learn ways to make pictures and movies that are interesting even if the audience doesn't  know the people or context of the presentation. Start by looking at some some short movies made by k-3 students and students like yourself, and observe YouTube movies,  TV programs, advertisements and movies to develop an awareness of the techniques used to make video interesting and fun to watch. 

A. Examine this site and find out about making movies. 
You will need to do this at school because movies are very big and require a fast Internet connection.  While you look at them think about why they are interesting or why they are not interesting

The third slide will be your observations on the 6 GS104 student created movies last year.  I suggest a list of  "what makes a good movie". 

B.  Observe TV advertisements, TV programs and movies. Answer the following questions on slide 4 of your Power point presentation:

(a)  How long does an individual camera shot typically take in professional projects? (It will be a range not a single number, does it vary with advertisements, TV programs, etc. Is there a different meaning conveyed with short verses long scene shots?
(b)  Describe at least three different types of transitions between scenes you observed and how they are used to build on the action and meaning in the scene.
(c)  What sequence of shots occur in a typical scene for example distance to closeups, etc.
(d)  Describe one more observation you made about interesting and professional video that can aid you in your video project

(4) Dictionary: Make sure you have the terms with an "*" defined and a good example where relevant.  You have defined most of  these terms previously in your dictionary.    Improve on previously defined terms if possible and define new terms in your own words (not just copy and pasted from another source).  Your definitions should be clear, complete and understandable to someone like your self who is not in this class. Your understanding the concept is the goal for creating definitions.  If you do not understand a concept ask fellow class members then your instructor if needed.

(5) Review new additions to Computers and Society Links.

Erase the previous documents from your homework folder (mine would be named rossjHW)Make a copy of all homework, in red above,  and place in this folder on your computer-be sure and erase old homework from this folder.  You will copy this folder to the class folder on transfer at the beginning of  the next class.