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Lab Assignment  Due next class
TopicInformation Competence: Legal and Ethical Issues
Presenter: Librarian Sandra Bozarth
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A GS104a Instructor will be available in the computer lab, lower level of library, to help if needed every Friday and often Saturday or Sunday.   The class assistant is available at the OASIS center during his office hours.
New terms can be found in the text documentation listed below.  Some you probably know and have in your dictionary


The Midterm will be Monday May 6.--Review all classes and assignments for this quarter.  Look at box, bottom of this page, for study suggestions.

Resources for Information Competency:
(1)  CSUB Library
CSUB Information Competency
(3)  Developing Library page on Information Competency.
(4)  Information Competence Toolbox for Social Science
(5)  Information Competency Terms
Legal and Ethical Considerations

Class Outline:
Information Competence: Day Four
Vocabulary & WWW Searching/Evaluating Sources Quiz

Legal and Ethical Issues

Assignment #4

Day Five:  Vocabulary and Legal/Ethical Quiz will be included with the Midterm.

, add important links for this class to your MyYahoo page bookmarks Research folder.
(2)   Add definitions in your own words for the vocabulary terms listed above to your dictionary.
(3)   Review new additions to Computers and Society Links. [There may be question on the midterm]

Midterm next class-no specific homework to turn in.

Study Guide
(1) Review lab assignments this quarter
(2) Review library concepts and legal considerations in the assignment outlines  M4, W4, M5, W5
(3) Review other materials covered by librarians
(4)  Browse through the Computer and Society links

The midterm will be like the quizzes with vocabulary questions, problems where you show your skills with applications, library/web searches, and credibility evaluation.   The main part will be unformatted text for a class paper that you will format as per instructions.

You will turn in a the current version of your FAQ and Dictionary next Wednesday for evaluation.  We will randomly choose 5 terms from assignments to evaluate the glossary.  We will randomly examine 3 FAQs to evaluate your FAQs.

For help are clarifications about the midterm see:
Ramon or Garett during their available hours.

I may add more specifics when midterm is completed so check this page later.

Good Luck!