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Lab Assignment  Due next class

Topic: Review Windows XP,  Instant messaging Word (focus on 3-ways and using Help) Email, Dictionary, update your Windows.  New this quarter Computers and Society

The goal this quarter is to make you a "hacker" (problem solver) capable of figuring out how to ask and answer questions about computers and solve your computer problems.  Knowing exactly how to perform every function in programs is not the goal but vocabulary is important!   Without the appropriate term you cannot search for an answer.

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A GS104a Instructor will be available in the computer lab, lower level of library, to help if needed every Friday and often Saturday or Sunday.   The class assisstant is available at the OASIS center during his office hours.
Review of terms from GS104a assignments and the text.  Most terms you probably know and have in your dictionary.  The terms with an "*" you will be expected to be able to define and give examples without accessing other sources.  Check with a GS104 instructor or the class assistant if you need help with these terms.  In addition to the class and text documentation you can also check this Glossary or Google for help with definitions you may not find.
Summary Review (Lesson 1-6 from Spring Text)
*LAN (from class)
*Your Laptop/Desktop System
Keyboard components (Qwerty vs Dvorak)
*Monitor  resolution
*Mouse Components
*Input/output, I/O, devices

*Netetiquette/ Ms Manners
Windows concepts
* Windows XP Desktop (a GUI)
Mouse (*right-click,...)
*Start menu (examine on your laptop)
*My Computer
*Help and Support Center
*Work with a window Min/Max, move, size
*<Win><d> or  <m>
*Task Manager

*Common Office Basics
      (Review Lesson 9 from Spring Text and Word Basics )
3 Ways (some new items)
Word Basics (Lesson 9 from Spring Text)
*Select text
*Format Characters 
*Align text
*Help & Office Assistant
  General Templates
The following assignment may seem extensive but it is all review of WindowsXP, Email, Instant Messaging and Microsoft Word that you learned in GS104a.  While the list of concepts is extensive, you should have most these terms defined in your dictionary.  The syllabus and assignments for GS104a are still on the web so you can go to these and the documentation to help refresh your memory if needed.  Keep track of material you do not understand and ask the instructor during office hours or in the next class.

1.  Windows XP: Scan/review the class sources on
Windows XP  
[Class Demo] Understand and be able to perform the basic Windows functions (especially how to use Help in applications and using Windows Help and support--this should also be on your FAQ.) You should be able to find and answer questions discussed in this documentation.
  review the following 
make a list of those Windows XP functions you would like explained.  Name the  document WindowsFunctions.doc and save in:
 My Documents/_GST104 Portfolio/4 Windows XP/WindowsFunctions.doc

I suggest that you look at the table of contents, check the exercises in each section and just review those functions you have forgotten. You should also review 3 Ways to control functions in Windows and Microsoft Office
Text: Introduction to PC's using Windows XP  ( Find in: My Documents/SSTP_Documentation/IntroPC/INTROPC.doc
Lesson 1 -WORKING WITH COMPUTERS -----------------------------page 1-12,
Lesson 2 - LEARNING THE BASICS --------------------------------------page 13-34,
Lesson 3 - EXPLORING WINDOWS FEATURES ----------------------page 35-52
Lesson 4 - USING MY COMPUTER ----------------------------------------page 53-68,
Lesson 5 - ORGANIZING FILES AND FOLDERS ---------------------- page69-86,
Lesson 13 - USING SHUTDOWN OPTIONS -----------------------------page 217-224

Web: For a quick overview: Basic Windows I XP

(b) [Class Demo] Create folders in My Documents for your classes this quarter

(c) [Class Demo] Practice how to find SSTP documents(particularly the new documents we will be using this quarter in folders Excel03,  PPT03, WinXPF and Word03.  You will be expected to know where to find answers in the documentation

2.  Instant messaging: Review instant messaging. Send and receive an instant message from someone in your group, Copy the screen with your instant messages to a Word document you name InstantMessEx.doc and place in:
My Documents/_GST104 Portfolio/7 Email/InstantMessEx.doc
 (ask your instructor during Friday office hours about how to copy a screen if you have forgotten).

3.  Microsoft Word: Review basic functions in Microsoft Word.
(A) write a  professionally formatted letter discussing the importance of having a computer . Your letter should be addressed to ypur instructor and have paragraphs about: (1) how you have used and could use your laptop for class work (2)  how you have used and could use your laptop for personal uses (3) how you expect to use a computer in your future career as a _______________.  Your letter should follow the principals of good writing with topic sentences, correct grammer and spelling  Sample business letter You should get help from the TV Oasis tutoring center to help with format and writing.) Create a simple logo with Paint for your header Name your letter MyBusLetter.doc and save in:

 My Documents/_GST104 Portfolio/4 Windows XP/MyBusLetter.doc

Review text section on Word "LESSON 9-USING MICROSOFT WORD 2002" page 145-163.  This can be found at:
My Documents/SSTP_Documentation/IntroPC/INTROPC.doc-------- scan Chapter 9 page 145-163

Web sources: Word BasicsWord Editing

4.  Email: Review the sources on RunnerMail E-Mail Intro (An introduction to email and a glossary of related concepts), CSUB Runner Mail (a summary of functions in RunnerMail), and RunnerMail (A step by step discussion of RunnerMail).  Send an email to the class instructor with an attachment, the letter to your instructor created in "3" above.

5.  Dictionary: Continue adding new terms and refining your previous definitions and examples  in your dictionary.  Make sure that  all terms with an * are defined in your dictionary/glossary.   Definitions should be in your words and should be understandable to someone like yourself who is not in this class.   Your understanding the concept is the goal for creating definitions.  If you do not understand a concept ask fellow class members and then your instructor if needed. Don't forget the vocabulary part of the quiz will not let you use text, notes or your computer and your dictionary will be evaluated for the final.

[Class Demo] Review Computers and Society Links. This quarter we want to become more informed about computer technology and it's importance.  To aid in this quest we have created a web site that will contain current news on computers and society.  You will be expected to read these on a frequent basis because new links will be added  as they appear in media. Questions will possibly be asked on the quiz and the midterm and final from these web pages.

7.  [Class Demo] Make sure your Windows and your anti virus program are updated as demonstrated in class.

Erase the previous documents from your homework folder (mine would be named rossjHW)Make a copy of all homework, in red above,  and place in this folder on your computer-be sure and erase old homework from this folder.  You will copy this folder to the class folder on transfer at the beginning of  the next class.