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Topic Creating a website with Netscape Composer

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A GS104a Instructor will be available in the computer lab, lower level of library, to help if needed.  Check instructors office hours.
Review of terms from GS104a assignments and some new terms.  Many you know and have in your dictionary.  The terms with an "*" you will be expected to be able to define and give examples without accessing other sources.  Check with a GS104 instructor or the class assistant if you need help with these terms.  In addition to the class and text documentation you can also check this Glossary,  FAQ or Google for help with definitions and problems you may not find.

Definitions for most of these terms can be found at: Internet terms
*Home page
*HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
*HTML editor
* Hyperlink (Hypertext, Hypermedia)
Internet /WWW
*ADA act
*file name
*web page title
(0)  Download and install Audicaty Using  an  audio editing programDocumentation
[Optional Instructor choice-- Class Demo of Audacity if time]

(1)  You may have already started your web page, the following will help you understand and improve your web page.  We will be using Mozilla (newer version of Netscape) to create easy, simple web pages.  It is suggested that you review the following:
       Internet/Web/WWW terms
 Internet terms

       Check out these sources on how to use editing features in Mozilla (newer version of Netscape Composer).  Use the one you understand the best.

Web page Construction in Netscape Composer       
Web Page Creation with Netscape Composer
(3)  [Class Demo] Assignment will be started in class:
Website Structure
Lesson 1:  Begin creation of a WEB Site:
NOTE: You can see a web site somewhat like the one you will create at:
Task 1 Lab: Use Composer to create a web site structure, a home page, portfolio page and resume page
A. [Class Demo and steps in class to create] First create a folder in My Documents call it "My CSUB Web". Then:
Task 2 [Class Demo and steps in class to create] Lab/homework
-Link your homepage, index.html, to all your other pages
GS104 Portfolio

     B--Link each of your pages back to your  homepage, index.html
     C--Open your homepage, index.html, in either Netscape or Explorer and make sure your links work and you can go back and forth between your web pages. as shown in the graphic above.
Your web site is now ready for content.
Task 3 Homework: Start constructing your home page, index.html.  This is due before class on Monday (Demo in class by instructor)
(4) Dictionary: Make sure you have the terms with an "*" defined and a good example where relevant.  You have defined most of  these terms previously in your dictionary.    Improve on previously defined terms if possible and define new terms in your own words (not just copy and pasted from another source).  Your definitions should be clear, complete and understandable to someone like your self who is not in this class. Your understanding the concept is the goal for creating definitions.  If you do not understand a concept ask fellow class members then your instructor if needed.

(5) Review new additions to Computers and Society Links.

Have the items in red above completed before the next class.  We will place then on your web site at and they will be evaluated there by your instructor.