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Lab Assignment  Due next class
Topic Information Competence: Library Data Base Searches-- Goal 1 Types of  information resources and choosing appropriate sources, Goal 2 effective information search skills, Goal 3 Judgeing credibility, Goal 4 Ethical and  Legal practices
Librarian Sandra Bozarth

The goal for the next two weeks is to build your information competence skills.  These skills require computer competency as well as critical thinking skills.  They are necessary in your college classes, your personnel life and in any future career.  These skills require defining a problem, finding information, evaluating that information and using the information in writing a paper (college) or solving a problem (personal and career).  Questions such as "what do I need for a paper I am writing for a class?", "what is the best car for my needs?", "should I get an operation or take drug X for a medical problem I have?" all require information competence.  We will never totally perfect these skills but we can improve them.  The next two weeks will focus on the developing of these skills for academic and personel success.

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A GS104a Instructor will be available in the computer lab, lower level of library, to help if needed every Friday and often Saturday or Sunday.   The class assisstant is available at the OASIS center during his office hours.
New terms can be found in the documentation listed below and in the Information Competency Terms.  Some you probably know and have in your dictionary

Search Strategy
Academic Journal
Boolean Search
Truncation or Truncate
Peer-reviewed article
Periodical Index

The Midterm will be Monday May 6.--Review all classes and assignments for this quarter

Resources for Information Competency:
(1)  CSUB Library
CSUB Information Competency
(3)  Developing Library page on Infomation Competency.
(4)  Information Competence Toolbox for Social Science
(5)  Information Competency Terms
Legal and Ethical Considerations

Class Outline:
Day One (4/17/06)
Introduction to Boolean Search Strategies
    [ http://www.lib.csub.edu/infocomp/search/boolean/venn.htm ]Boolean Logic
     [ http://www.lib.csub.edu/infocomp/search/cons1.html ]Constructing A Search Strategy

Introduction to Researching Periodical Databases
    [ http://www.lib.csub.edu/infocomp/database/databases.html ]What is a database?
    Database Practice (using subject terms)
    Database Selection

Assignment, create a
folder called Research on your MyYahoo bookmarks and add important links from this class.
(2)   Add definitions in your own words for the vocabulary terms listed above to your dictionary.
(3)   Review new additions to Computers and Society Links.