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Lab Assignment  Due next class

Topic: Using your Laptop for classes

The broad goals for GS104b are (1) review and expand your knowledge of applications started in GS104a (2) to learn to use your computer in your classes (3) make you a "hacker" (problem solver) capable of figuring out how to ask and answer questions about computers and solve your computer problems.  Knowing exactly how to perform every function in programs is not the goal but as always  vocabulary is important! If you don't know the words and understand their meaning you cannot begin to find solutions.
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A GS104a Instructor will be available in the computer lab, lower level of library, to help if needed every Friday and often Saturday or Sunday. (check their schedules for specific times).   The class assistant is available at the OASIS center during his office hours.
Review terms from GS104a assignments and the text.  Most you probably know and have in your dictionary.  The terms with an "*" you will be expected to be able to define and give an example without accessing other sources. You can learn about these terms as you go through the sources for this assignment.  Check with your instructor or the class assistant during their office hours if you need help with these terms. In addition to the class and text documentation you can also check this Glossary or Google for help with definitions you may not find. 
Summary Review  [* already in your dictionary  * new term this quarter]
*Application (software)
* Hardware
*Computer operating system
* E-mail
* Word processing
* Spreadsheet
* Paint program
* Power Point
* Web
* Browser
1.  Syllabus Thoroughly review the class syllabus and schedule.  Be sure  and  carefully examine the section and link on  plagerism.  Come prepared Wednesday to answer any question about the syllabus. Ask for clarification if you do not understand something on the syllabus. 

2.  MyYahoo [Class Demo]:   In MyYahoo (1) place the scheduled times for exams, papers and finals for your current classes this quarter on your Calendar , (2) place links for your spring class web pages in My BookmarksAfter completing your calendar for each month (a) choose a printable view print each month of your quarter schedule--bring the printed copy as homework.

3.  Dictionary: Improve your definitions, make the wording understandable to a neophite, draw a picture if it helps, give more then one example if useful.  All "*" should be clearly with example(s) where appropriate.  Define new terms in your own words (not just copy and pasted from another source).  Your definitions should be clear, complete and understandable to someone like your self who is not in this class. Your understanding the concept is the goal for creating definitions.  If you do not understand a concept ask fellow class members then your instructor.

4.  Download and install
  (a) Skype, a VOIP and video program.  Read about and download Skype from Google Pack. We will  discuss setup next class.

  (b) Mozilla a web browser and web creation program.  Read about and download from  Mozilla.  
We will  discuss how to use Mozilla to make a web page sort of like mine  next class.  If you have time you might try experimenting using Mozilla to create a web page.

6.  Review
Computers and Society Links. This quarter we are going to become more informed about computer technology and it's social importance.  To aid in this quest we have created a web site that will contain current news on computers and society.  You will be expected to read these each week.  New links will be added  as they appear in media. Questions may be asked on quizzes, midterm and final about the links on this page.

Erase the previous documents from your homework folder (mine would be named rossjHW)Print a copy of all homework, in red above,  and bring to  the next class.