Luis RodriguezHello, my name is Luis Rodriguez and I am the new student liaison for the United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service at CSUB. I am currently a Senior pursuing a double major in Political Science and History. As a student at Cal State Bakersfield, I am aware of the tremendous need for internships among the student body. Coming from a small agricultural community, there is a scarcity of opportunities in finding a job where one can obtain the experience needed to get that extra edge in this competitive world. It is common practice for students to work in a job which provides little to no experience pertaining to their future careers. The Forest Service is aware of the difficulties a student encounters in obtaining the appropriate job related to their major.

CSUB Entry SignTherefore, the USDA in collaboration with the Central California Consortium has created summer internships for students. The Central California Consortium was designed to offer students hands-on experience in positions within the forestry service related to their major, while simultaneously exposing them to the forestry service and the natural sciences. A plethora of careers exist from which students may apply for (please see Summer Internship section for a listing of opportunities). It is my mission to expose and to inform CSUB students of these internships. The experience obtained through a quality internship is invaluable. I hope you will take advantage of these opportunities. For further details, please email me at or contact me at 654-6273.