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Lab Assignment: Word, selection, formatting, aligning, printing options  Due next class
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An instructor will be available in the computer lab, lower level of library, to help if needed. Check instructors' schedules on their web page for times.
Note: These terms pretty much follow the text. You can also check this Glossary for help with definition.  You will be expected to be able to define the terms with an asterisk in your own words in a quiz at the next class.

Review From Text
Start Word
Enter text
   insertion point
   <Enter> key
*Selection of  text techniques
   change whole word selection
   double click
   select (p161)
        double click
        triple click
        text block
        area with <Shift>
        multiple text
        entire document
        line of text
*Format Characters
    *Format Toolbar
    Standard Toolbar (not in text)
    Format dialog box (menu)
        B, I, U
*Align text
*Print Preview
    Print dialog box  [Properties, Options]
  General Templates
Microsoft Word 2000 Editing
      Selecting Text  
      *Viewing Options
      Deleting and Inserting Text
      Search and Change Text
      Changing Position of Text
      Cutting and pasting
      Formatting Text in Paragraphs
      *Page Numbers, Headers & Footers
      *Left, Right, Top and Bottom Margin Size 
      *Paragraph Indents and Tabs
      Characters: Size, Bold, italic, Underlined
      *Insert Picture
      *Insert Table
      Multiple Formats
      *Checking Spelling
      *Formatting Suggestions
      *Getting Help  (in Word)

Don't forget to check the class Problems and Solutions/FAQ.  If you have a problem and solution that you think should be added send it to Jim at:

Word Processing 1b, 1c

1.  Develop your skills with Microsoft Word from the following: 

2. Assignment: Write a 3+ page  research paper about a topic of your choice (save a copy of your paper in your _GST104 Portfolio/6 Word Processing and a copy in your homework folder ). Your paper should contain the major components of a college research paper, see list below. You may use a previous paper you have written, start a paper you are writing this quarter, discuss your use of My Space or just make it up if you are creative and a good writer. The purpose of this exercise is to develop the necessary word processing skills to be proficient in writing college term papers.. You will have to demonstrate your Word skills you learn in this assignment paper and on the next quiz

      Paper content and format:
    1. Title page with the title, your name, date, and class (no header or footer)
    2. Text page(s)
    3. Bibliography page with at least 3 references (You must use an acceptable professional formatting ASA, APA, MLA, etc. Use ASA  if you are going to be a Sociology major, APA if Psychology, etc.  You can use any sources available, your texts this quarter perhaps.  Ask your English teacher are a tutor at the OASIS tutoring center if you need help.  One specific requirement for formatting of references for this assignment even if it violates a formatting style is to list references as hanging paragraphs--like a dictionary (ask your instructor if you are unsure about how to do this).

    Your paper must be one document including the title page, the body of your paper and the bibliography.

3.  Define the Terms with an "*" and improve on definitions of terms you have in your dictionarySave your definitions in  your portfolio and place a copy in your homework folder. Wording should be yours  (not just copy and pasted from another source) clear, complete and understandable to someone like your self but not in this class. 

Erase all files in your homework folder.  Place a copy of all homework, in red above,  in your homework folder and bring to next class to place in class homework folder on the transfer drive