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Lab Assignment: Powerpoint Basics.  Due next class 
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An instructor will be available in the computer lab, lower level of library, to help if needed. Check instructors' schedules on their web page for times.
Note: These terms pretty much follow the text. You can also check this Glossary for help with definition.  You will be expected to be able to define the terms with an asterisk in your own words in a quiz at the next class.

PowerPoint From Text
  Normal view
  Outline Tab
  Slide tab
  Text Placeholders
  New Slide button
  Slide layout task pane
  Outline tab
  Slide design task pane
  Normal view
  Slide sorter
  Slide show
  Print Preview
From Basic Power Point
  *Title slide
  *Insert graphic
  *Insert text box
  *Insert slides
  Display mode
     *Slide view
     *Slide sorter
  *Slide effects
  *Slide transitions
  *Edit tools
  *Save formats

Don't forget to ocassionally check the class Mydictionary and the  Problems and Solutions/FAQ.  If you have a problem and solution that you think should be added send it to Jim at:

1.  Learn Basics of Power Point Presentation from the following:  
My Documents/SSTP_Documentation/IntroPC/INTROPC.doc   <------ then scan page 205-277

2.  Your assignment [Class Demo] using the information from the above documentation, create a Power Point presentation.  Possible presentation topics include a lesson from our class, a presentation for another class, a presentation on a hobby, etc.  Topics for  a presentations about our class lessons include "Laws and Computers", "Connections for my Laptop",  "Using Microsoft Paint", etc.  Use graphics and pictures, clip art and the web.  Your presentation must have a title page followed by at least 5 content pages including the following:  (a) text, (b) graphics, (c) common background, (d) pictures [include the picture of yourself linked on the class web page on the title page] (e) clip art, (f) slide effects and (g) slide transitions.  You have a minimal of 6 slides.. 
3.  Define the Terms with an "*" and improve on definitions of terms you have in your dictionarySave your definitions in  your portfolio and place a copy in your homework folder. Wording should be yours  (not just copy and pasted from another source) clear, complete and understandable to someone like your self but not in this class. 

Erase all files in your homework folder.  Place a copy of all homework, in red above,  in your homework folder and bring to next class to place in class homework folder on the transfer drive