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Assignment:  Introduction to the internet, Windows and Email.  Due next class.                             --Print This Page by choosing Print from File menu--

Your Instructor will be available in the main computer lab, lower level of library, during office hours, to provide help.


Try and become familiar with these terms.  Many you will know, others will be on the web pages and in the text as you go through the material for this assignment.  You will be expected to be able to define the terms with an asterisk in your own words in a quiz at the next class.  You can get the definitions as you read through the material.  You can also check this Glossary or Google for help with may not understand.  Your instructor will help with definitions you do not understand during the next class.
    examples of:
    acceptable use
    unacceptable use
Intro to the Internet
*Address Bar
*navagation buttons
Intro Windows
  *Windows XP
       Logon screen
Start menu

   Recycle Bin
Start button
   mouse pointer image
      double click
    *Close button
    *My Documents
       Log Off
      Shut Down
      All Programs
  menu bar
  shutdown options
 *switching users
  *Email message components
   *Netetiquette (Ms Manners)
   distribution list
   Hyper link
Intro to Runner Mail
   Changing Password
   Add "Signature"
   Receive Mail 
   Send Mail 
   Checking Mail boxes 
   Deleting messages
This assignment introduces a range of applications.  We will cover all these materials in depth as the class progresses.  All items in RED must be completed before next class.

Introduction To The Internet
  1. Use Netscape, Mosaic or the Firefox browser to check out the Title V ( and class ( web site
  2. Review the basics for web use.  Open  INTROPC.doc:   Scan the following you are not expected to remember everything but know where to find the answer if needed: Lesson 12 -  GETTING STARTED WITH INTERNET EXPLORER page 229-239 .
Introduction To Microsoft Windows
  1. Windows XP Ia: Overview of the Windows PC  computer system (Start, Shut Down, Print...) (a) Go through the Windows Tour by clicking Start then choose All Programs and finally select Windows Tour.  (b) Open  INTROPC.doc:   Scan the following you are not expected to remember everything but know where to find the answer if needed: Lesson 2 LEARNING THE BASICS  page 13-36 and Lesson 13  - USING SHUTDOWN  OPTIONS  page  241-250Just read through quickly and become familiar with how your PC operates. If you have any questions place them  in your email for the instructor below.
Introduction To E-mail
  1. Introduction to email. Quickly scan this introduction to email:  E-Mail Intro.
  2. Runner Mail.  Quickly scan this overview of : CSUB Runner Mail.
  3. Send email: [Print your email messages and hand in for homework.] 1 message to a person in your group. 2 reply to a message from a person in your group (make sure their message is part of the reply) 3. a message to your instructor asking a question about something in the class you would like to understand better
Starting your vocabulary dictionary
  1. Define the terms with an asterisk in a Microsoft Word document you create called dictionary.doc.  You may share definitions with group members but make sure you understand the definition and can put it in your own words--those you don't know ask your group and if necessary the instructor at the next class.  Use this Vocabulary Sample  as a start for your vocabulary, add the terms with an asterisk in the above list and their definitions.  You may be asked to turn in a copy of your vocabulary dictionary at any time during the quarter.  You will keep a curreent copy of your dictionary on your computer.

    Create a folder in MyDocuments that has your RunnerName and Homework for the name of the folder (mine would be named rossjHomework)Save a copy of all homework, in red above,  in this folder and bring to next class to place in class homework folder on the transfer drive