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Topic assignment: Using your laptop, setting up a digital portfolio, I/O devices, software due next class  
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An instructor will be available in the computer lab, lower level of library, to help if needed. Check instructors' schedules on their web page for times.
Try and become familiar with these terms.  Many you will know, others will be on the web pages and in the text as you go through the material for this assignment.  You will be expected to be able to define the terms with an asterisk in your own words in a quiz at the next class.  You can get the definitions as you read through the material.  You can also check this Glossary or Google for help with may not understand.  Your instructor will help with definitions you do not understand during the next class. 

*LAN (from class)

Your Laptop/Desktop
*USB Flash drive/memory (from class) I/O device
*PC system
*PC unit (CPU)
*Keyboard components  (Qwerty vs Dvorak)
*alphabet keys and punctuation <Shift>, <Caps Lock>
* numeric keypad, <Num Loc>
<Alt>, <Ctrl>, <Enter>, <Backspace>, <Delete>, <Enter>, <Insert>
navigation keys <Home>, <Page Up>, <Page Down>, <End>   function keys (Fn on laptops) and Windows key
CPU memory (active memory vs Storage memory)

Memory size

resolution (1024X768)
Super VGA


*New/current: Know the ports on your Laptop
USB1 and USB 2.0

FireWire/IEEE 1394/iLink
right, left button
          mechanical, optical, cordless web wheel, 
dot matrix

 ink jet,
*input/output devices
Storage Memory
disk drive
(floppy and capacity, hard drive)
CD-ROM and CD-R/W (capacity)
DVD and DVD-R/W (capacity)
*Flash drive
Output Only

Digital still cameras
Digital movie cameras
MP3 players(iPod)
*software (applications)
*operating system (Windows XP, Macintosh, Linux)
applications Word, Excel, Explorer....
1. [In class:] (1) Place the SSTP_Documentation in the CD drive (2) Open the CD from My Computer, copy the SSTP_Documentation folder to My Documents.  If you missed class you must see an instructor or the class assistant during their office hours to get help with this task.

[In class:] Throughly read this source how to use my Gateway Widescreen --be able to identify the components of your computer.  Ask your instructor if you have difficulty.

3.  [Start in class:] Tips on using your laptop Laptop Care Suggestions Save this file to a file folder you create in  My Documents called My Laptop Care. For homework thoroughly read this source.  Ask next class about any item you do not understand

4.  [Demo access in class] Hardware/ Software 1a scan: Text: Lesson 1- WORKING WITH COMPUTERS  Page 1-10, This can be found in the data copied from the SSTP Documentation CD:
                                My Documents/SSTP_Documentation/IntroPC/INTROPC.doc"      <----scan page 1 through page 10. 

[Demo in class] Continue adding to and improving your Dictionary
  A beginning version of a dictionary was copied to your computer from the SSTP Documentation CD.  To find it on your computer:
                                My Documents/SSTP_Documentation/_GST104 Portfolio/Etc/BeginDict.doc
   <---open this file and save as:
Dictionary.doc(in the same location)
(b) Open the  definitions you defined for the last class to copy and paste in Dictionary.doc

(c) Now add the new concepts with an * listed at the top of this assignment
to Dictionary.doc.  Define all terms in words that could be understood by a classmate. and save as:
My Documents\SSTP_Documentation\_GST104 Portfolio\Etc\Dictionary.doc
. --Place a copy of  dictionary.doc in a your homework folder --see below

(d)  You can now delete BeginDict.doc in  "My Documents/SSTP_Documentation/_GST104 Portfolio/Etc/BeginDict.doc"

CSUB Desktops Front
Computer Components
CSUB Lab Desktops Back
TO print a document you create (1) Save or make a copy on your flash drive.  (2) You can then plug your flash drive into a computer with a printer--the CSUB lab for example and open and print your document.

Create a folder in MyDocuments that has your last name and Homework for the name of the folder (mine would be named rossjHomework)Save a copy of all homework, in red above,  in this folder. You will copy this folder to class folder on the transfer drive at the beginning of the next class.