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Assignment: Updating Windows and Virus protection, Exam review 
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An instructor will be available in the computer lab, lower level of library, to help if needed. Check instructors' schedules on their web page for times.
Review Review Review
(1) Update your virus protection and Microsoft Windows.  Update by coming to CSUB every week or so and connect to the wireless in the library, DDH or the cafeteria..  You will be automatically updated after about 1 hour connected. Try and do this weekly if possible to avoid getting a virus when connected to the Internet from a non CSUB location.

(2) Make sure the firewall that came with Windows XP is activated
        Click Start/Settings
        Point to Control Panel
        Click Network Connections 2 times
        Right Click the Internet connection you want to protect
        Click the advanced button
        Check the box Protect my computer and network... to enable the firewall

(3) Create a backup[In class Demo] of all your documents and files--important if your computer dies, is stolen, the hard drive fails

Prepare for Exam: Bring a pencil!  Suggestions review previous lab and exercises.  Vocabulary is most important.  The FAQ and class dictionary are incomplete but there are definitions and solutions that are useful review material.  The exam will be 60-80 multiple choice questions. Make your best guess.

                                                                                        Good Luck!

PS: Next quarter we will review but we will also cover new areas, accessing Google on your cell phone, develp skills in accessing and determining good web sites,  basics of taking editing and managing digital photographs, using the computer for free or cheap long distance calls, free video communication with computers,  digital video basics-making a movie, possibly editing your own sound tracks, etc.