Checkout for Title V Digital Video Cameras
Print this page, checking to make sure all componentes are included with the camera kit  (Edited 11/02/04ADA)
Have Title V Secretary verify checkout and in.  ***TIME LIMIT 24 HOURS M-T -FRIDAY4:30-MONDAY 8:00***
Please make sure the following is included in the camera
kit when checked out:

___A: Camera Bag

___B: Panasonic 2X Optical Zoom Video Camera

___C. Li-on Batetry 800mAh

___D.  Li-on Batetry 2000mAh

___E.  Camera <->Charger connector

___F.   AC Cord & Battery Charger

I accept tthat I have picked up the above Camera kit
and all components from the Title V  office and accept
full responsibility  to pay for any part lost are damaged 
while  I have  them checked out.

Your Name:
Phone #________________________________

Check out Date ________________________

Title V authorized check out by:


Return Date______________________________

Returned To( Title V person): __________________:
Movie Camera Check Out Components