Checkout for Title V Digital Still Cameras
Print this page, Have student read this and check to make sure all componentes are included with the camera kit  (Edited 5/15/06ADA)
Have Title V Secretary verify checkout and in.  ***TIME LIMIT 24 HOURS M-T -FRIDAY4:30-MONDAY 8:00***
Please make sure the following is included in the camera kit
 when checked out:

___A: TV Connector

___B: Computer Connector

___C. Nikon Camera

___D.  256mb Memory Card

___E.  Camera Case

___F.   2 Rechargeable batteries
NOTE: Use only TitleV batteries--Return camera to Title V Office for battery replacement.

I accept tthat I have picked up the above Camera kit
and all components from the Title V  office and accept
full responsibility  to pay for any part lost are damaged 
while  I have  them checked out.

Your Name:
Phone #________________________________

Check out Date ________________________

Title V authorized check out by:


Return Date______________________________

Returned To( Title V person)___________________:
Nikon2100 Ck Out Components
For GS104 Students:

Please help us by:

(1) Do not remove batteries--when batteries are discharged, take camera to Title V office.  The secretary will replace the batteries with charged batteries

(2) Do not remove memory--take camera to the Computer Lab HELP desk.  They will download pictures to TRANSFER.  You can then use any lab computer computer and copy the pictures from TRANSFER to your flash drive.

(3) The other class will use the cameras next week so cameras must be returned by 9:30 monday with pictures already removed.