Schedule of Future Course Offerings

NOTE: This information is for the quarter system. When the schedule for semester courses becomes available, it will be added.

The following list will give you a sense of how often each theatre course is offered. The Theatre Department course offerings for the current academic year are posted on the callboard (the bulletin board across from the women’s dressing room in the Doré Theatre). Refer to it and most important, consult an advisor as you plan your courses for the year.

Courses Typically Available Every Quarter
THTR 101 Introduction to the Study of Theatre
THTR 195, 295, 395, 495 Theatre Company
THTR 208, 408 Improvisation
THTR 232 Acting I (Required of Majors)
THTR 305 Creative Dramatics
THTR 307 Dramatic Literature for Children
These Production-Related Courses are Offered Every Quarter
THTR 200, 400 Stage Management Practicum
THTR 201, 401 Rehearsal and Performance
THTR 202, 402 Technical Theatre Production Laboratory
THTR 203, 403 Run of Show
Courses Typically Available Once a Year
THTR 206, 406 Theatre for Youth Practicum
THTR 207, 407 Touring Show
THTR 209, 409 Theatre Festival
THTR 210 ACTF Preparation
THTR 233 Acting II
THTR 234 Acting III
THTR 241 Stagecraft (Required of Majors)
THTR 251 Introduction to Technical Theatre and Design (Required of Majors)
THTR 385 Modern Drama (Required of Majors)
Courses Typically Offered Every Other Year
THTR 221 Script Analysis (Required of Majors)
THTR 242 Stage Makeup
THTR 253 Stage Management
THTR 361 Directing I
THTR 371 Ancient Passions, formerly Theatre History I (Required of Majors)
THTR 372 Renaissance & Beyond, formerly Theatre History II (Required of Majors)
THTR 404 Playwriting
THTR 405 Theatre for Youth
THTR 410 Auditioning for the Theatre
THTR 411 Dialects and the IPA
Courses Offered Alternate Years (maybe once or twice during your college stay)
THTR 311 Movement I
THTR 312 Movement II
THTR 321 Voice and Diction I
THTR 351 Lighting Design
THTR 352 Scenic Design
THTR 353 Costume Design
THTR 354 AutoCAD for the Theatre
THTR 381 Women Playwrights
THTR 383 African American Playwrights
THTR 421 Scene Study