Auditions are open to all CSUB students, regardless of major. On rare occasions, members of the community are cast in productions when student actors are not available. Since the goal of the Theatre program at CSUB is to provide its students with theatrical opportunities, we try to fill roles with students first.

Auditions for the fall productions are held during the first week of classes in September, typically a Wednesday or Thursday. 

Auditions for the winter productions are held on the Thursday following the final performance of the fall show, typically in November. (In 2014, auditions are Thursday November 13th at 7pm.)

Auditions for the spring productions are held on the Thursday following the final performance of the winter show, typically in March. (In 2015, auditions are Thursday March 5th at 7pm.)

Where to find audition information:

Contact the director of the show. (find faculty contact info under “About Us” on the Theatre webpage)

Contact the department chair.

Check the callboard (the bulletin board across from the women’s dressing room in the Doré Theatre).

Look for audition flyers posted in the theatre and the Music Building the week before auditions.

What is the audition process like?

Almost every show will involve cold reading from the script.

For some shows, a director may request to see a monologue from auditionees, but most often this is only required of majors. For other shows, monologues may not be requested. If you are interested in auditioning, but do not have a monologue, please come to the auditions and participate in the cold readings. You can still be considered for a role even if you do not have a monologue. We encourage you to audition!

For musicals, you will be expected to prepare a song from a musical so auditors can assess your singing skills.