American College Test (ACT)

The ACT is one of two tests (the SAT is the other) used by the California State University system to determine eligibility for admission (all campuses will accept either the ACT or SAT). The ACT should be taken well in advance of the proposed enrollment, on one of the national test dates at a location near to where the student lives. For registration information, dates, etc., go to the ACT web-site link below.

For students applying to CSUB near to the start of a term who must submit ACT test results, but do not have the time to take the test on a national test date (it can take four to six weeks for CSUB to receive scores from a national test date), CSUB is authorized to give and score the ACT on a date just prior to the start of each term. Thus CSUB sets one ACT test date just prior to the start of each term to assist students with this need. Students should, if possible, take the ACT on one of the national test dates, as scores earned at CSUB (local) testing DO NOT become part of the ACT records, and thus are not available to other institutions.

Registration bulletins are available in the CSUB Testing Center or at most local high school guidance offices.

We are located in the Modular Building next to the University Police Department. Suggested parking lots to the Testing Center are Lot H and I. 

Find building #60 on the  CSUB Campus Map.