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Cell Phone

California Wireless Contract

Strategic Sourcing is a process designed to allow the State of California to purchase the best products and best services for the best value. Using this purchasing approach, the buyer (California) analyzes what it's buying, what the market conditions are and, who can supply those goods or services. The buyer then uses that information--plus innovative contracting techniques--to find the best values available in the marketplace.

Verizon Wireless was awarded the primary provider of wireless services for the State of California Agencies and during the February 20, 2006 Cabinet meeting, the Cabinet decided to take advantage of this Contract. The wireless contract (1S-05-58-02) can be found at www.dgs.ca.gov

Under this agreement State of California Employees can receive wireless services at a discounted price. More information about employee discounts can be found here.

Acquisition And Use Of Cellular Equipment & Services

The following procedures apply for the purchase of and use of State issued cellular service by California State University, Bakersfield employees who must be:

  1. Available for consultation either outside normal work hours, or when away from their work location, or to be more affective in their position.
  2. Able to access University systems from home or other remote locations.

The University reserves the right either to purchase the necessary equipment and electronic communication access for the individual's use, or to reimburse the employee for all or a portion of the cost of personally owned equipment or access.

Each department has the responsibility to determine when it is in the best interest of the University to provide this type of equipment and/or access to an employee, and that funds are available to pay for it. The decision to provide equipment or access must be approved by the employee's supervisor. That determination is accompanied by the responsibility to review charges monthly, review periodically the use of any equipment involved, and to assure that it is returned to the appropriate place when the employee using the equipment terminates employment or transfers to a different department within the University.

It is the policy of the University that any equipment and/or electronic communication access purchased by the University is used primarily for University business and not for private gain or advantage.


For Cellular Phones And Services Purchased By The University:

  1. The Cellular Telephone Request and Use Agreement must be completed, approved, and submitted to TELECOMMUNICATIONS.
  2. When monthly service plan charges exceed the approved amount, the employee must reimburse the University for the excess, unless the supervisor certifies to Accounts Payable that the excess was due to the conduct of University business. (Note: Frequent reimbursements will generate a review of the agreement by the supervisor to determine whether the service plan should be changed, or usage reduced.) A reimbursement from the employee will be treated as an abatement of cost, using the same chartfields used by Accounts Payable to record the original cost.

For On-Going Reimbursement To An Employee For University Business Use Of A Personel Cell Phone, Or Similar Equipment:

  1. It is the responsibility of the department to periodically review documents demonstrating that the employee is incurring and paying the charges reimbursed by the University.

One-Time Reimbursement To An Employee For University Business Use Of A Personal Cell Phone, Pager, Or Similar Equipment:

  1. Reimbursement under $50 will be processed through the University Petty Cash Services.
  2. In the event further reimbursement is requested by the employee, a review by the employee's supervisor to determine whether a regular reimbursement plan (described above) may be appropriate.


Section 19990 of the California Government Code

For additional information or assistance you can contact Telecommunications at 3200.

State Employee Cell Phone Discount Plans

Employees wishing to acquire information and /or wireless services under the state contract must contact:

Kirt Browning
Verizon Wireless

Government Accounts

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