Mathematics Science Credentials

BA in Natural Sciences- This degree program offers the required subject matter content to help prepare prospective science teachers to apply for subject matter certification in California by taking the California Subject Matter Examinations for Teachers (CSET) in Science.
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Foundational Level Science Credential- In order to address the shortage of qualified middle-school science teachers, CSUB designed a 4-year blended foundational science program where students will obtain a foundational science subject-matter and credential. Please Note: The Foundational science track does not include sufficient upper division coursework in the sciences to qualify for High-school level teaching. The Foundational Science track is intended only for middle school science teacher preparation. To teach High school, add one of the High school science concentrations to this Concentration.
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Subject Matter Authorization in Introductory Science- The Subject Matter Authorization (SMA) will prepare a student for the foundational science CSET exams to teach science in any middle school. The SMA can be added to the liberal arts degree multiple subjects credential.
Concentration outline can be found here: SMA in Intro. Science

Masters of Science in Science Education- The Masters of Science in Science Education provides in-service teachers and career changers with undergraduate degrees in traditional science and math disciplines with advanced coursework on science content, pedagogy directly targeted to the teaching of science, and educational leadership. In addition, scientific and science education research methodologies will be incorporated both into coursework and into a thesis or project to be completed by the candidates.
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