Mathematics Science Credentials

Blended Mathematics Teaching Track- the Mathematics Department offers a program which blends the single subject requirements in the mathematics teaching-track with the pedagogy courses in CSUB's School of Social Sciences and Education Single Subject Credential Program, offering an integrated program of study over four years.
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Traditional Mathematics Degree Teaching Track- This degree track does not integrate Credential courses, which must be taken through CSUB’s School of Social Sciences and Education Single Subject Credential Program.
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Subject Matter Authorization in Introductory Mathematics- the Subject Matter Authorization (SMA) will allow a fully-credentialed person to teach up to Algebra I in any middle or high school. The SMA can be added to the liberal arts degree multiple subjects credential.
Concentration outline can be found here: SMA in Intro. Mathematics

Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics- This degree is designed for working mathematics teachers with a Single Subject Credential in Mathematics (from California or another state or nation), or mathematics teachers holding a Supplementary Authorization in Elementary Mathematics to a Single or Multiple Subject Credential. The purpose of the Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics is to enable secondary and middle school mathematics teachers to increase their understanding of secondary school mathematics, its pedagogy, and related topics. The course of study is designed to deepen the participant's mathematical knowledge and integrate it with his/her prior experiences and training.
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