How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a Green Office partner at CSU Bakersfield, follow these steps!

Step 1

1. Download the GO Partnership form here
2. Fill out the form & return to the GO Team (
3. The GO team will contact your GO Leader to schedule your pre-audit.
4. Begin Step 2 AFTER your pre-audit is complete.

Step 2

1. Download the GO Checklist & start making some green changes to your office! When you’re ready, calculate how many points your office has earned and total it at the bottom of the form.
2. Email the completed form to the GO Team (
3. The GO team will contact you to schedule your Semester audit.

Step 3

1. CSUB Green Offices team will contact you once your audit and new rank have been processed, and deliver your recognition/reward. Until the end of the GO cycle, make sure you maintain your green practices and reach out to the GO team if you have any questions!

*Remember: There is no deadline, you go at your own pace!

Contact Us


(661) 654-3552

Jennifer Sanchez
Sustainability Coordinator
CSU Bakersfield