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The GO program rates individual offices based on daily practices involving energy conservation, waste reduction, and recycling. Using our GO checklist, individuals can earn one of four different levels of certification. Offices can earn seed, sprout, plant, or tree rank, depending on how many points are earned. Once certified, participants receive a badge which can be displayed in their office.

The Green Office Certification program was created through a partnership between the CSUB Sustainability department, the Office of the President, and the CSUB Facilities Management, in order to raise awareness, educate, and provide measurable guidelines for greening the office environment.


Pre-Audit (Occurs only once)
After you submit your partnership form to the GO team, we will contact you to schedule your first office audit. The pre-audit is designed to help determine your office’s initial status, but will not be counted towards a rank. This audit will take approximately 10-20 minutes (depending on the size of your office/facility), and will consist of a walkthrough with one of your department staff. The pre-audit only occurs once for the duration of your participation with our program.

Semester Audit (Occurs once a semester)
The semester audit will be to determine your Green Office ranking. This audit will take approximately 10-20 minutes, as we perform a walkthrough of your office or facility. Our team may ask to see how your office has fulfilled requirements on your GO checklist, ask questions, or give suggestions. Following the second audit, we will take approximately 1-2 weeks to process your audit and grant your new rank!

GO Cycle

A GO Cycle is the equivalent to one academic semester at CSU Bakersfield.  Your office’s GO Rank lasts one GO cycle (1 semester). At the beginning of each semester, participating offices will be contacted to schedule their semester audit, which will allow them to renew their current GO rank, or potentially fall into a new rank.


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Jennifer Sanchez
Sustainability Coordinator
CSU Bakersfield