Our Mission

Our mission is to create more environmentally sustainable workspaces on campus while simultaneously educating our campus community on the importance of environmental sustainability. Our program is aligned with our University’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses.

Participating Offices

Rank Department

Rank: GREEN : 5 - 24 points

Rank - Seed

Rank: BRONZE : 25 - 44 points

Rank - Sprout

Rank: SILVER : 45 - 64 points

Rank - Plant

Rank: GOLD : 65 - 84 points

Rank - Tree 

Rank: PLATINUM : 85 - 100 points

rank - platinum

Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

(107 points)

Contact Us

Have questions?

Contact our student lead team through Jennifer Sanchez, Sustainability Coordinator.


(661) 654-3552

Jennifer Sanchez
Sustainability Coordinator
CSU Bakersfield

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Our program offers great volunteer and internship opportunties for CSUB students.

For more information on how to join, contact Jennifer Sanchez, Sustainability Coordinator.