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Start a Club at CSUB

There are over 100 student clubs, organizations, fraternities and sororities on the CSUB campus, but what if there isn't the perfect club to fit your needs? Start one yourself!

Below you'll find all the forms necessary to launch the club of your dreams. These forms need to be filled out by every club, every year. Download the forms, follow the directions, and your club will be chartered in no time.


Click the link to download the entire set of forms, or click below to download individual forms. This .pdf document includes:

  • Registration Form. This form needs to be signed by the President, Vice President and Treasurer of your club-to-be.
  • Advisor/President Agreement. This form needs to be signed by your club Advisor (full-time or part-time faculty or staff), and your club President.
  • Membership Roster. This form needs to include the name, CSUB Student ID# and email address of five members, including the President, Vice-President and Treasurer. It is important to keep this up-to-date because this list is how members of your club will be contacted.
  • Chartfield Request Form - Signature Request Form. This form is needed to establish a club fund (your on-campus club account). It requires the signature of your club's President, Treasurer and Advisor. You must resubmit this form if any of these people should no longer have access to club funds or if an additional person is to be granted access. The Club Fund Account Guidelines will help you with the use of your club funds.
  • Advisor Acknowledgement of Risk and Assumption of Responsibility. This form requires your Advisor's signature and states that he/she accepts the responsibilities that come with being your club advisor.


  • For a club charter to be granted, a minimum of two members must attend a Chartering Orientation once per year, as early in the year as possible. The orientation can be attended by any two members, and more than two if you'd like, but it's highly recommended that the President and Treasurer attend an orientation. The Orientation covers club dos and don'ts, Safety and Risk Management issues, ASI funding for events and fundraisers, and the privileges and responsibilities of being a CSUB student organization. Group orientations are usually held near the beginning of each school year, but if a club's not able to be represented, individual orientations may be held. Click the link to send an email and request an orientation.


  • RunnerSource is the policy and procedures for student organizations on campus. All members should review the policies and ensure that the organization is abiding by them.


  • In 2012, the CSU Chancellor ordered that all student clubs and organizations have constitutions with specific wording relating to anti-discrimination and other issues. The Chancellor released a Model Constitution for clubs to follow. Clubs simply input their own appropriate information in each area and sign the constitution. Click the link to download the document. Contact the Office of Student Involvement if you have questions or need help.