Organizational Excellence Program


Final submissions for credit are due to the Office of Student Involvement by May 13, 2016.


The purpose of the Organizational Excellence Program is to establish standards to ensure that every student organization is well managed and is fully committed to the highest quality of student experience for each of its members, with particular emphasis on academic achievement, member development, and campus and community involvement.

Student Leadership Awards will be based in part on performance reflected on this application.

This application and other documentation should reflect club activities from the Fall 2015 term through the Spring 2016 term. There are a few occasions where the Spring Quarter from the previous academic year will be used, to allow sufficient time for processing the application.

Some sections will indicate that a minimum number of points are required. In some cases, the minimums are a requirement of chartering. In others, the minimums are a requirement of participation in the Organizational Excellence Program.

In categories where sign-in sheets are required and typed attendance lists are not acceptable, CSUB ID card scanners may be acceptable replacements if available/practical.

You can download the Organizational Excellence Application at this link:

OrgEx App (clickable link)