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Standing out, but never standing alone.

Greek organizations strive for excellence in many areas – most prominent are:

  • Scholarship
  • Leadership
  • Philanthropy/Community Service

Academic achievement is the first and foremost priority of all University students. Scholastic achievement is also central to the mission of fraternities and sororities. Each organization places a strong emphasis on creating an atmosphere conducive to high academic performance, as well as challenging each individual to live up to his or her highest academic potential. Each organization generally implements various programs designed to assist members in their academic pursuits. Programs range from tutoring, helping with scheduling, study groups, and awards for good grades. Additionally, most organizations provide some financial scholarships supported by their national or international organizations and local alumni groups. These efforts reinforce the belief that academic achievement is an integral part of the fraternity and sorority experience.

The Greek community is dedicated to building future societal leaders by providing a wealth of leadership opportunities for Greek members. From social issues to academics, business to philanthropy, the leaders of today are gaining their leadership edge from their fraternity and sorority experiences. Membership in a Greek organization is one of the most outstanding means of discovering and refining your leadership potential. Within each chapter, members have the chance to assume a wide spectrum of leadership roles. These roles may range from serving as recruitment chair to treasurer, social chair to president. Within each organization exists anywhere from five to twenty different leadership positions, all requiring different degrees of skills and investments. Opportunities to learn and practice leadership stretch beyond chapters. There are many system-wide leadership roles open on the Greek Council, Panhellenic Association, and Interfraternity Council. Beyond the Greek community, fraternity men and sorority women are involved in nearly every registered student organization on campus.

Philanthropy projects are events in which the Greek community as a whole, or individual chapters, donate their time and efforts to benefit the community. Each chapter plans at least one philanthropy project during the year to benefit agencies such as the United Way, Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Bakersfield Homeless Shelter, etc. Philanthropy projects and community service are more than just helping out a cause. They show the community, both on campus and off, that Greeks care about the communities that support their growth and development.  

In addition to the number of scholastic enhancement programs, leadership development opportunities, and community service initiatives available to you, fraternities and sororities also provide balance social programs for affiliated members. Organized social programs include formals, date nights, Homecoming events, Greek Week, and other networking events with other groups on campus including other Greek chapters, athletics teams, and clubs. Diversified social programs allow students the opportunity to develop meaningful friendships. Greeks struggle against negative stereotyping on a daily basis, however, each chapter maintains a responsible social policy that is monitored by the University, Greek Council, Panhellenic Association, and Interfraternity Council.

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