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We’re counselors in training!

The Educational Counseling Association (ECA) atCalifornia State University, Bakersfield was established in Fall of 2005. ECA is open to full-time, part-time and alumni students of the Educational Counseling Program. ECA is a student-driven organization dedicated to improving member and community engagement through professional development and philanthropy.
We strive to provide networking opportunities between students, faculty, staff and community associated with the Educational Counseling Master’s Program. Promote professional development activities and career advancement opportunities, and promote and sponsor participation at local, state, regional and national conferences.
We value integrity, service, leadership, and professionalism.

Officers and Advisor

President: April Thompson
Vice President: Jason Watkins
Treasurer: Andrea Amador
Secretary: Maria Moreno
Membership: Janine McCormick
Publicity & Activities: Grisel Gallardo
Advisor: Dr. Yvonne Ortiz-Bush

Meeting and Contact Info

Contact ECA at
for meeting times and location info.

This club is INACTIVE