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Chemistry Club

Our goal is to open up the world of chemistry to everyone and get them to like or appreciate science. Any CSUB student who is taking chemistry classes, loves chemistry, or is just interested in the subject and what our club is about is eligible to join. So we encourage any and all people to come, find out what chem club is all about, and hopefully become a member of our club.

To get involved: follow us on Facebook (link in the bottom right-hand corner) for upcoming outreach events or other club activities, email our current secretary ( to join the email list, and come to our club meetings which are held every other week on campus (email us for more info on the time and location). You can also view our calendar on our website (link in bottom right-hand corner).

Officers and Advisor

President: Nikki Oragwam
Vice President: Keerat Singh
Treasurer: Haley Hashim
Secretary: Chad Benavides
Outreach Coordinator: Immaculate DeSilva
Advisor: Danielle Solano

Meeting and Contact Info

Meeting Times and Location: TBA


This club is ACTIVE '14-'15