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Reporting Violations of the CSUB Student Code of Conduct

Non-Academic Policy Violations

University Personnel who believe a student has violated the Student Code of Conduct should:

  1. Consult with the Office of the Dean of Student Life for initiating student disciplinary actions if deemed necessary.
  2. A form is available on the Student Conduct website ( for reporting non-academic violations of the Student Code of Conduct. If University personnel do not wish to use the form, a written complaint may be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Student Life with the following information:
    • Your name and contact information
    • Full name and student I.D. number (if known) of the student(s)
    • A description of the incident(s) with details such as date, time, and place of occurrence
    • Supporting documentation/evidence of the disruptive behavior
    • Names of witnesses and their contact information
    • Information regarding similar previous incidents or interactions involving the student

Student Disciplinary Interventions

When a written complaint is received by the Office of the Dean of Student Life, the student will be required to meet with a Student Conduct administrator. The meeting will be an opportunity to hear additional information from the student's perspective and to determine an appropriate disciplinary response.

The reporting party (University personnel) may be contacted by the Dean of Student for additional information or documentation. If the student does not accept the administrative sanctions, a student conduct hearing is available for student to appeal the disciplinary outcome.

Reporting Outcomes

All reported incidents will be documented and recorded in a centralized database by the Office of the Dean of Student Life. Appropriate personnel will be notified of the disciplinary outcome via a memo.