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Link Hierarchy

Welcome CSUB staff,

The resources in this section are designed to assist you in finding information on CSUB policies and regulations, Student Code of Conduct Violation reporting procedures, and other resources that will enable you to address sensitive and difficult matters involving students.

  1. University Policies

  2. State of California and CSU Policies and Protocols relevant to Student Conduct

  3. Reporting Student Code of Conduct Violations

  4. Student Behavior Resources

    1. Managing disturbing and disruptive Student Behavior
    2. Resources available to address Sensitive and Difficult matters

      When addressing difficult or sensitive matters involving students or other staff members there are several campus resources available for support and consultation:

      1. Counseling Services: (661) 654-3366. This Office may be appropriate when a student is struggling with a personal issue, experiencing stress or mental health crisis.
      2. Disabled Student Services: (661) 654- 3360. This Office may be consulted if you believe that a student would benefit from the service.
      3. Office of the Dean of Student Life: (661) 654-2680 or 654-2683. This Office should be contacted when you are concerned that the student behavior may be a violation of the University's Code of Student Conduct.
      4. University Police Department: (661) 654-2111. This Office should be contacted regarding any situation in which you believe that a student may be a danger to self or others.