President's Introduction

President Horace Mitchell This strategic plan has been developed to guide the University community on our path to realization of our vision of excellence by 2014-15. The background on the development of our vision statement was presented in my first University Day address on September 7, 2004. That address is posted on our campus website.

Our strategic plan is an organic document. While the goals and objectives will remain fairly stable, strategies and initiatives will change over time. In fact, many strategies and initiatives have been implemented even while this document has been in the process of being finalized. Rather than being primarily a hard copy document stored on a shelf, our strategic plan is an electronic document that has been updated periodically as new strategies and initiatives have been developed and others have been fully implemented. The development of this strategic plan has been in parallel with the process of reaffirmation of the University's accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

The October 2008 update of our strategic plan incorporated the additional objectives we identified in our 2007 WASC proposal, the commitments contained in the CSU systemwide strategic plan, "Access to Excellence", and other objectives that had emerged over the previous two years. The August 2011 update incorporates key issues contained in the report for the University's Educational Effectiveness Review by WASC, along with further delineation of appropriate metrics, benchmarks and related criteria for each Strategic Goal and Objective.

For the future, prior periodic reviews will be replaced by annual reviews. We have now established the University Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee which has the charge to: "monitor progress towards the achievement of the University's goals and objectives, including the review of institutional metrics and data, and provide input on the budgetary strategy to support the plan. The Committee advises the President on campus budget matters, and makes recommendations for supporting the academic mission and maintaining institutional viability in light of fiscal challenges and opportunities."

As we move forward, a significant factor that will advance our efforts is having a sense of campus community—a shared sense of purpose, belonging and mutual respect, and shared accountability for the future of CSUB. Through our "partnerships for excellence" we will realize our vision.

Horace Mitchell, Ph.D.