Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Extend Faculty and Academic Excellence and Diversity

Objective 1.1
Recruit, develop, retain, and promote an excellent and diverse faculty
Objective 1.2
Invest in faculty excellence and plan for faculty turnover
Objective 1.3
Ensure that academic programs are excellent, offer diverse intellectual perspectives, and advance global awareness
Objective 1.4
Develop new academic programs that respond to regional, state, and national needs and student demand
Objective 1.5
Provide academic facilities, libraries, and instructional and technology resources that support teaching, learning, research and creative activities
Objective 1.6
Enhance University programs and services through aggressive fundraising, contracts and grants, public-private partnerships, and other entrepreneurial activities

Goal 2: Enhance the Quality of the Student Experience

Objective 2.1
Develop and achieve student learning outcomes within academic programs and university-wide
Objective 2.2
Develop and achieve university-wide student development outcomes
Objective 2.3
Enhance student opportunities for active learning and participation within the university, regional, and global communities
Objective 2.4
Create a vibrant campus life which engages our diverse student body
Objective 2.5
Improve student retention and graduation rates
Objective 2.6
Reduce existing achievement gaps in first-year retention, baccalaureate degree completion, and graduate and professional school readiness

Goal 3: Strengthen Community Engagement

Objective 3.1
Collaborate with partners in K-12 education, community colleges, and community- based organizations, and other entities to advance educational attainment within the region, including:
  1. increasing high school students' eligibility rates for college admission;
  2. increasing college-going rates among recent high school graduates; and
  3. increasing transfer readiness and success for community college students
  4. assisting adults without high school diplomas to complete high school equivalency requirements and participate in higher education
Objective 3.2
Educate and partner with public and private organizations, elected officials, and other entities to support regional, state and national economic development
Objective 3.3
Collaborate with community partners to enhance the quality of life in the region, including health status, and cultural and youth enrichment
Objective 3.4
Improve accountability to the public for the educational effectiveness of the University

Goal 4: Develop an Excellent and Diverse Staff

Objective 4.1
Recruit and retain excellent and diverse staff, supervisors, and managers; provide ongoing training and opportunities for professional growth; and plan for succession
Objective 4.2
Create a performance management system that identifies the competencies and skills necessary to achieve campus goals and priorities and promotes individual accountability for excellent performance
Objective 4.3
Ensure appropriate levels of staffing commensurate with current and future campus needs and available resources
Objective 4.4
Recognize and reward excellent performance

Goal 5: Develop a Campus Culture With a Sense of Community and a Commitment to Organizational Excellence

Objective 5.1
Promote a civil and collegial campus environment that values diversity and respect for differing views
Objective 5.2
Honor and celebrate the achievements of the campus community
Objective 5.3
Ensure that innovative, continuous improvement initiatives are developed and lead to the use of best practices in each campus department
Objective 5.4
Promote practices across the campus that evidence a commitment to environmental sustainability
Objective 5.5
Integrate alumni, parents, and friends into the life of the University
Objective 5.6
Build financial capacity through revenue generation, and investment and budget management
Objective 5.7
Achieve institutional effectiveness through shared governance, shared responsibility, and shared accountability for the excellence of the University