University Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee

Revised 5/4/2018


The intent of the University Strategic Planning (USP) and Budget Advisory (UBA) Committee (USP&BAC) is to monitor progress towards the achievement of the University's strategic plan and related goals and objectives.


The purpose of the USP&BAC is to review institutional metrics and data, and to provide input on the budgetary strategy to support the plan.


The objective of the USP&BAC is to advise the President on the campus strategic plan and make budget priority recommendations to support the strategic plan and academic mission, as well as to maintain institutional viability in light of fiscal challenges and opportunities.


The membership of the USP&BAC shall consist of the following:

  • Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chair (USP): Jenny Zorn
  • CFO/Vice President for Business and Administrative Services, Chair (UBA): Thom Davis
  • Vice President for Student Affairs: Thomas Wallace
  • Vice President for University Advancement: Victor Martin
  • Chief of Staff to the President: Evelyn Young Spath
  • Assistant to the President for Equity, Inclusion and Compliance: Claudia Catota
  • Dean (selected by Provost): Kathleen Madden
  • Dean (selected by Provost): Steve Bacon
  • Dean, CSUB Antelope Valley: Randy Schultz
  • Chair, Academic Senate: Deborah Boschini
  • Chair, Academic Senate Budget and Planning Committee: Aaron Hedge
  • Faculty Representative (selected by Academic Senate): Brian Street
  • Faculty Representative (selected by Academic Senate): Doug Dodd
  • Associated Students, Inc. President: Mariela Gomez
  • Associated Students, Inc. Graduate Student Director: Brittany Perez
  • Staff Representative (selected by staff): Matthew Singer
  • Staff Representative (selected by staff): Ben Perlado
  • Athletics Director: Kenneth "Ziggy" Siegfried
  • Chief Human Resources Officer: Kellie Garcia
  • Chief Information Officer: Faust Gorham
  • Chair, CSUB Foundation Board or designee: Sheryl Barbich
  • Chair, CSUB President's Community Advisory Council or designee: Matthew Park

Committee Staff

The committee staff of the USP&BAC shall consist of the following:

  • USP&BAC liaison for Academic Affairs: David Schecter
  • USP&BAC liaison for Student Affairs: Jim Drnek
  • USP&BAC liaison for University Advancement: Linda Lara
  • Assistant VP of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment: Kris Krishnan
  • Associate VP of Enrollment Management: Jacqueline Mimms
  • WSUC Accreditation Liaison Officer: Vernon Harper
  • University Budget Director: Michelle Mills
  • Director of Public Affairs and Communications: Michael Lukens


The meetings of the USP&BAC shall be at least twice per year, one in the spring semester (USP emphasis) and one in the fall semester (UBA emphasis), with additional meetings scheduled as requested by the USP chair and/or UBA chair, respectively.