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Exercise 6 -- The Public-Use Microdata Sample

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Database:  PUMSsp.por

In this exercise you will use the PUMS data to control for a number of variables that may influence income. We would expect that different ethnic populations with the same backgrounds would be paid about the same. However, if there were discrimination, then we might expect there to be noticeable differences.

  1. Comparing Incomes of Ethnic Groups
    1. Use the person records to select civilian employed persons that are college educated, working 32 or more hours per week, in managerial and professional occupations, and age sixteen or older for the following ethnic groups:
    2. Non-Hispanic whites




      Mexican Origin

      Cuban Origin

      Russian Ancestry

      English Ancestry

      Armenian Ancestry
      Compute the percentage of each group that is foreign born and U.S. born.

      Compute the median personal income for each ethnic group by sex by place of birth.

      Do men and women receive about the same incomes? How does place of birth affect incomes for each of the ethnic groups? What ethnic groups tend to receive higher incomes and lower incomes?

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