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Exploring the US Census
Eugene Turner, California State University, Northridge

Appendix J: California County Variables

© The Author, 1998; Last Modified 17 August 1998
Variable Definition
Pop_97 Estimated 1997 Population
Pop_90 1990 Population Change
Change Population Change 1990-1997
Births Number Births 1990-1997
Deaths Number Deaths 1990-1997
NatInc Natural Increase 1990-1997
NetImmig Net Immigration 1990-1997
NetDomMig Net Domestic Migration 1990-1997
P0370001 Native Born < 18 yrs of age
P0370002 Foreign Born Naturalized < 18 yrs
P0370003 Foreign Born Not a Citizen < 18 yrs
P0370004 Native Born > 17 yrs of age
P0370005 Foreign Born Naturalized > 17 yrs
P0370006 Foreign Born Not a Citizen > 17 yrs
P0420001 Born in State of Residence
P0420002 Born in NE US
P0420003 Born in Midwest US
P0420004 Born in South US
P0420005 Born in West US
P0420006 Born Outside US - Puerto Rico
P0420007 Born Outside US - US Outlying Area
P0420008 Born Abroad of American Parents
P0420009 Born in Foreign Nation
P0430001 Living in Same House 1985
P0430002 Living in Different House, Same Co, 1985
P0430003 Living in Different County, Same State, 1985
P0430004 Living in NE US, 1985
P0430005 Living in Midwest US, 1985
P0430006 Living in South US, 1985
P0430007 Living in West US, 1985
P0430008 Living Outside US, Puerto Rico, 1985
P0430009 Living Outside US, Outlying Area, 1985
P0430010 Living in Foreign Nation, 1985

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