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Appendix I: Database Variables for US Cities and Counties

© The Author, 1998; Last Modified 17 August 1998

Variable Definition
FILEID File Identification
STUSAB State/US Abbreviation
SUMLEV Summary Level
GEOCOMP Geographic Component
CHARITER Characteristic Iteration
LOGRECNU Logical Record Number
LOGRECPN Logical Record Part
PARTREC No of Parts in Record
DIVIS Division
EXTCITIN Extended City Indicator
PLACECE Place (Census)
PLACECC Place Class Code
PLACEDC Place Description Code
PLACESC Place Popul Size Code
REG Region
STATECE State (Census)
AREALAND Land Area (Sq Km in .001)
AREAWAT Water Area (Sq Km in .001)
FUNCSTAT Functional Status Code
GCUNI Geographic Change User Note
HU100 Housing Unit Count
INTPTLNG Longitude
PSADC Polit/Statist Descrip Code
POP100 Population Count
SPFLAG Special Flag
P0010001 Universe: Persons
P0020001 Universe: Families
P0030001 Universe: Households
P0050001 Male
P0050002 Female
P0070001 "White (800 869, 971)"
P0070002 "Black (870 934, 972)"
P0070003 "American Indian (000 599, 973)"
P0070004 "Eskimo (935 940, 974)"
P0070005 "Aleut (941 970, 975)"
P0070006 "Chinese (605 607, 976)"
P0070007 "Filipino (608, 977)"
P0070008 "Japanese (611, 981)"
P0070009 "Asian Indian (600, 982)"
P0070010 "Korean (612, 979)"
P0070011 "Vietnamese (619, 980)"
P0070012 Cambodian (604)
P0070013 Hmong (609)
P0070014 Laotian (613)
P0070015 Thai (618)
P0070016 Other Asian 
P0070017 "Hawaiian (653, 654, 978"
P0070018 "Samoan (655, 983)"
P0070019 Tongan (657)
P0070020 "Other Polynesian (656, 659)"
P0070021 "Guamanian (660, 984)"
P0070022 Other Micronesian (66
P0070023 Melanesian (676 680)
P0070024 "Pacific Islander, not specified"
P0070025 "Other race (700 799, 986 9"
P0080001 Persons of Hispanic Origin
P0090001 Not of Hispanic origin
P0090002 Mexican
P0090003 Puerto Rican
P0090004 Cuban
P0090005 Other Hispanic
P0100001 Non Hispanic White
P0100002 Non Hispanic Black
P0100003 "Non Hispanic American Indian, Eskimo, or Aleut"
P0100004 Non Hispanic Asian or Pacific Islander
P0100005 Non Hispanic Other race
P0100006 Hispanic WHispanicite
P0100007 Hispanic Black
P0100008 "Hispanic American Indian, Eskimo, or Aleut"
P0100009 Hispanic Asian or Pacific Islander
P0100010 Hispanic Other Race
P0140001 Male Never Male Married
P0140002 "Male Now Male Married, except separated"
P0140003 Male Separated
P0140004 Male Widowed
P0140005 Male Divorced
P0140006 Female Never Married
P0140007 "Female Now Married, except sepa"
P0140008 Female Separated
P0140009 Female Widowed
P0140010 Female Divorced
P0150001 In Family: Householder
P0150002 In Family: Spouse
P0150003 In Family: Child Nat born/adopt
P0150004 In Family: Stepchild
P0150005 In Family: Grandchild
P0150006 In Family: Other relatives
P0150007 In Family: Nonrelatives
P0150008 Non Family Household: Householder living alone
P0150009 Non Family Household: Hshldr not living alone
P0150010 Non Family Household: Nonrelatives
P0150011 In Group Quarters: Institutionalized person
P0150012 In Group Quarters: Other persons
P017A001 Persons Per Family(1) [1]
H0010001 Housing units
H0030001 Owner Occupied Housing Units
H0030002 Renter Occupied Housing Units


US County File

Variable Definition
FIPS State and County Fips Code
Sumlev Geographic Level: 
2=CMSA PMSA County 
3=MSA Count 
4=NECMA County 
5=Not MA County
Areaname Name of US/State/County
Intptlng Centroid Latitude
Intptlat Centroid Longitude
Item001 Land Area 1990
Item002 Population 1992
Item005 Population 1990
Flag006 Flag For Item006
Item006 Population 1980
P0050001 Males (1c)
P0050002 Females (1c)
P0100001 Non-Hispanic White (1c)
P0070001 White (1c)
P0070002 Black (1c)
P0703_05 "American Indian, Aleut, Esk (1c)"
P0070006 Chinese (1c)
P0070007 Filipino (1c)
P0070008 Japanese (1c)
P0070009 Asian Indian (1c)
P0070010 Korean (1c)
P0070011 Vietnamese (1c)
P0712_16 Other Asian (1c)
P0717_24 Pacific Islander (1c)
P0070025 Other Race (1c)
P0090002 Mexican Origin (1c)
P0090003 Puerto Rican Origin (1c)
P0090004 Cuban Origin (1c)
P0090005 Other Hispanic Origin (1c)
Med_Age80 Median Age 1980
Med_Age90 Median Age 1990
Item035 Households 1990 (1c)
Flag036 Flag For Item036
Item036 "Households, Percent Change 1980-1990 (1c)"
Item037 Persons Per Households 1990 (1c)
Item048 "Births, Percent To Mothers Under 20 Years 1988"
Item049 "Births Per 1,000 Population 1988"
Item051 "Deaths Per 1,000 Population 1988"
Item052 "Deaths of Infants Under 1 Year Per 1,000 Live Births1988"
Flag059 Flag For Item059
Item059 "Social Security Program Beneficiaries Per 1,000 Population 1990"
Flag059x Flag For Item059x
Item059x Population 1990 (Base For Item059)
Flag063 Flag For Item063
Item063 "Serious Crimes Per 100,000 Population 1991"
Flag063x Flag For Item063x
Item063x FBI Population 1991 (Base For Item063)
Item069 Persons 25 Years and Over 1990 (3c)
Item071 "Persons 25 Years and Over, Percent with Bachelor's Degree " or Higher 1990
Item072 Median Family Money Income 1989
Item079 Median Household Money Income 1989
Item083 Percent of Families with Income Below Poverty Level 1989
Item083x Families 1990 (3c) (Base For Item083)
Item086 Percent of Persons with Income Below Poverty Level 1989
Item089 "Housing Units, Total 1990 (1c)"
Item092 "Housing Units By Units in Structure, " Percent one-Unit Detached 1990 (1c)
Item096 "Housing Units, Percent Built 1980 To March 1990, 1990 (3c)"
Item100x "Housing Units, Total 1990 (3c) (Base For Item096-Item100)"
Item101 Occupied Housing Units 1990 (1c)
Item103 Owner-Occupied Housing Units 1990 (1c)
Flag105 Flag For Item105
Item105 "Owner-Occupied Housing Units, Median Value " (Specified Owner Occupied) 1990 (1c)
Item107 Renter-Occupied Housing Units 1990 (1c)
Item108 "Renter-Occupied Housing Units, Median Gross Rent " (Specified Renter Occupied Paying Cash Rent) 1990 (3c)
Item113 New Private Housing Units Authorized By Building Permits 1992
Flag125 Flag For Item125
Item125 Civilian Labor Force 1991
Flag126 Flag For Item126
Item126 "Civilian Labor Force, Unemployed 1991"
Flag127 Flag For Item127
Item127 "Civilian Labor Force, Unemployment Rate 1991"
Item134 "Civilian Labor Force, Employed 1990"
Item135 "Civilian Labor Force, Percent Employed in Agriculture, Forestry, " and Fisheries 1990
Item136 "Civilian Labor Force, Percent Employed in Manufacturing 1990"
Item137 "Civilian Labor Force, Percent Employed in Wholesale " and Retail Trade 1990
Item138 "Civilian Labor Force, Percent Employed in Finance, Insurance, " and Real Estate 1990
Item139 "Civilian Labor Force, Percent Employed in Health Services 1990"
Item140 "Civilian Labor Force, Percent Employed in Public Administration 1990"
Flag161 Flag For Item161
Item161 "Value of Farm Products Sold, Average Per Farm 1987"
Flag164 Flag For Item164
Item164 "Land in Farms, Average Size of Farm 1987"
Item200 "Federal Funds and Grants, Per Capita Expenditures 1992"

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