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Codebook for Data Set cnty.por

James Gerber, San Diego State University

© The Author, 1998; Last Modified 17 August 1998

The California county data in the SPSS file cntysp.por is drawn from the Regional Economic Information System (REIS) and is produced by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). The REIS data base provides local area economic data for states, counties, and metropolitan areas for 1969 - 1995. In the data drawn from the REIS files, each variable has a 1970, 1980, and 1990 value. Variable names have the same root in each of the three years followed by either 70, 80, or 90, depending on the year. For example, the variable POP70 is county population in 1970, POP80 is county population in 1980, and POP90 is county population in 1990. All three, POP70, POP80, and POP90 are distinct and separate variables. NAME and CNTYCODE appear once in the dataset.

In the following variable list, every variable except NAME and CNTYCODE is listed by its root and "xx" to designate the year. Income variables are in thousands of dollars (current) and employment variables are the number employed.
Variable name Variable label
1. NAME County name
2. CNTYCODE County FIPS and BEA code
3. POPxx Population, in hundreds

Aggregate income variables
4. TPIxx Total personal income
5. FIxx Farm income
6. DIRxx Dividends, interest and rent,income
7. TRANxx Transfer payments
8. WASxx Wages and salaries
9. OLIxx Other labor income
10. PROPIxx Proprietor's income

Income by sector
11. ASFFIxx Agricultural services, fisheries, and forestry income
12. MIxx Mining income
13. CIxx Construction income
14. MANIxx Manufacturing income
15. TPUIxx Transportation and public utilities income
16. WTIxx Wholesale trade income
17. RTIxx Retail trade income
18. FIREIxx Finance, insurance,and real estate income
19. SIxx Services income
20. FCIxx Federal government civilian income
21. MILIxx Military income
22. SALIxx State and local government income

Aggregate employment variables
23. Exx Total employment
24. WASExx Wage and salary employment
25. SELFExx Self (proprietor's) employment
26. FExx Farm employment

Employment by sector
27. ASFFExx Agricultural services, fisheries, and forestry employment
28. MExx Mining employment
29. CExx Construction employment
30. MANExx Manufacturing employment
31. TPUExx Transportation and public utilities employment
32. WTExx Wholesale trade employment
33. RTExx Retail trade employment
34. FIREExx Finance, insurance,and real estate employment
35. SExx Services employment
36. FCExx Federal government civilian employment
37. MILExx Military employment
38. SALExx State and local government employment

N of Cases: 59 (California state plus 58 counties).
Total # of Defined Variables: 110

CNTY Exercise