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This project was funded by the California State University (CSU) Academic Opportunity Fund (AOF) for instructional technology development. The proposal was submitted by the Social Science Research and Instructional Council (SSRIC) and was awarded for the 98-98 academic year.

Our complete proposal is at: aofprop.htm

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E-mail Address Campus and
Nan Chico nchico@csuhayward.edu CSU Hayward
Sociology & Social Services
JeDon Emenhiser jae1@axe.humboldt.edu Humboldt State University
Government & Politics
Jim Gerber jgerber@sciences.sdsu.edu CSU San Diego
John Korey jlkorey@csupomona.edu Cal State Poly Pomona
Political Science
Edward Nelson ednelson@csufresno.edu Fresno State
Elizabeth Nelson elizn@csufresno.edu Fresno State
James Ross jross@csubak.edu CSU Bakersfield
Phil Silverman psilverman@csubak.edu CSU Bakersfield
Gene Turner eugene.turner@csun.edu CSU Northridge
Larry Herringer lherringer@csuchico.edu CSU Chico


Our goal is to have maximum compatibility with all the CSU campus labs as well as with instructor and student home computers, regardless of platform, browser, or bandwidth. The HTML has been validated through WebTechs, and every page was tested on Netscape 4.x, Internet Explorer 4.x, and Lynx (which is a text-only browser), using both PCs and Macs.

We have also tried to meet the accessibility standards for people with varying degrees of mobility, vision, and hearing difficulties, though some of our pages have a great many tables and are unavoidably visually-oriented.


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