Public Opinion on Social Issues,

Elizabeth N. and Edward E. Nelson,
Department of Sociology,
California State University, Fresno


© The Authors, 1998; Last Modified 16 August 1998

Codebook and Data

Suggested Citation:

Nelson, Elizabeth N. and Edward E. Nelson. 1998. Public Opinion on Social Issues. Unpublished Manuscript.

Table of Contents


*** (Pending) Chapter 1 -- Perspectives on Social Issues

Chapter 2 -- Survey Research Design and Quantitative Methods of Analysis for Cross-sectional Data

Chapter 3 -- Introducing a Control Variable (Multivariate Analysis)

Chapter 4 -- Exercises Using Data from 1996 General Social Survey

Chapter 5 -- Research Design and Methods of Analysis for Change Over Time

Chapter 6 -- Exercises for Change Over Time

Appendix A -- Codebook

Appendix B -- Notes to the Instructor

Appendix C -- Supplemental Instructional Materials

Appendix D -- Computation of Measures of Association


This module was funded by a grant from the Academic Opportunities Fund (1997-98) through the Chancellor's Office of the California State University. It is part of the Social Sciences Teaching Resources Depository. Data are available as SPSS portable files and chapters and appendices are available as a Word 6 document file or htm file.

We want to thank the Academic Opportunities Fund for funding this project and our colleagues on the Social Science Research and Instructional Council for their support and assistance.