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This page will contain Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from users of this site.   Please submit your suggestions, questions and possible solutions to our Suggestion Box   If this develops with extensive questions we will we add an index and search facility.  Thanks for your contributions.

1.  When I open the SSRIC web site some text and tables are messed up. Is it the SSRIC web site or me?

Answer: The most likely culprit is your browser. Browsers have many options that can overide the format of a web site. Check these instructions by Nan to see if they correct the problem:
browser set up
2.  I can not seem to successfully download the data files. What can I do?
Answer:  Downloading files seems to be an art, not a science. Even though we tried to standardize the procedure, we failed miserably! It seems that many factors can affect a file download including modem speed, the quality of your connection, the time of the day, how various settings have been configured on your computer, etc. First we suggest you try at least three times, especially on the larger files. Check these instructions by Jim to see if they help with the problem:
file download hints