Internship in Kinesiology.

The Kinesiology department offers a number of student internships in physical therapy, sport-specific training, rehabilitation, and long-term care, as well as other service learning opportunities that provide hands-on experience.


For a student to be eligible to complete an internship you must have completed a majority of your major coursework.  By having completed a majority of your coursework you will be better prepared for the internship experience.


To get started in requesting an internship:

  1. Contact course instructor to discuss possible internship sites.
  2. Complete the designated required hours and record in the activity log.
  3. Post to your designated discussion board in Blackboard a summary and reflection of your weekly experience.
  4. Complete risk waiver


Information coming soon.

Internship Sites and Locations

Information coming soon.

Open Quote
The professors in the department are very supportive. They are very well known in the community which helps people to be able to find internships and jobs very easily. Close Quote
Kylie Trammell
2013 PEAK Graduate

PEAK 496

Supervised intern experience within a schools system, university program, agency, business, or industry for the purpose of acquiring additional knowledge and skills desirable for professional development.  Specific requirements for academic credit will be developed and evaluated by a department faculty mentor and the field supervisor.