Mission, Vision & Goals


The mission of the School of Social Sciences and Education is to address local, regional, and state needs by providing high quality undergraduate and graduate programs in the social sciences and education. We are committed to advancing human development knowledge, encouraging healthy and productive lifestyles, and enhancing the quality of life for all people, particularly those with emotional, learning, and physical disabilities.

We pledge to prepare future leaders, professionals, and community advocates. Together, we will work toward increasing the community's understanding and acceptance of complex social, racial, and gender issues and toward creating positive social change. We will provide students with excellent classroom instruction, faculty-guided research experiences, and experiential learning opportunities to prepare them for career success and for lifelong learning to meet the changing demands of society.

The faculty and staff of the School of Social Sciences and Education are committed to supporting quality measures identified in the CSUB vision statement featuring faculty academic excellence and diversity, the student experience, community engagement, staff excellence and diversity, and organizational "best practices".


The School of Social Sciences and Education will provide professional leadership to improve the quality of social life and education for the region through high-quality scholarship, educational offerings, and community partnerships. The School of Social Sciences and Education will be recognized as offering premier programs in the CSU system and will offer landmark programs recognized nationally and internationally. 


1. Recruit and retain high quality faculty committed to participating and actively engaging students in all aspects of university life, including service, research, and the educational environment
  • Support funding for faculty travel, research, and professional development
  • Encourage regular curricular review and innovation
  • Monitor and support the learning environment including class characteristics, technology, faculty needs, staff needs, and physical environment
  • Encourage the use of appropriate technologies for enhancement of student learning
  • Develop strong undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Establish a framework for faculty research partnerships with students

2. Create opportunities for students to develop leadership, citizenship, social responsibility, and civic engagement

  • Provide opportunities for student involvement in disciplinary or professional activities with special attention to career preparation
  • Create pathways for leadership development

3. Build and maintain collaborative and interactive relationships with the campus or at-large community 

  • Promote and develop active learning experiences
  • Encourage cross departmental or cross school collaboration
  • Develop multidisciplinary programs having strong community partnerships
  • Promote faculty serving as resources for community agencies
  • Support community projects involving students and faculty in SSE

4. Build and maintain a culture of acceptance, tolerance, respect for diversity, collaboration, and mentorship among faculty, staff, and students 

  • Sponsor events celebrating diversity
  • Integrate "cultural proficiency" across the curriculum
  • Develop a faculty mentor program
  • Establish regional, national, or international study opportunities that enhance student and faculty experiences with diverse groups

5. Develop learning communities that encourage student, faculty, and community discourse 

  • Promote and encourage collaborative ventures
  • Celebrate faculty activities
  • Encourage faculty discourse on important issues

6. Develop and maintain ongoing communication with alumni and friends of SSE 

  • Encourage departmental newsletters
  • Invite alumni and friends to SSE events
  • Work to create a group of friends and boosters of the School
  • Work with the CSUB Foundation to establish priorities for SSE funding

School of Social Sciences & Education (SSE)

California State University, Bakersfield
9001 Stockdale Highway
Bakersfield, CA  93311-1022 

Phone:  (661) 654-2210