Social Work Club


The CSUB Social Work Club is a student-lead organization designed to provide students with opportunities to affiliate with other social work students and professional social workers, with the goal of helping MSW students build an identity with the social work profession. 

Objectives are met through activities geared to learning, service, and socialization.  Programming generally  includes contacts with professionals through speakers, agency visits, videos/films, conferences, service projects, and social events. 

Although the club has faculty sponsorship and the department supports the activities of the club by providing a faculty member to serve as advisor, the club functions as an autonomous student organization.  The club elects its own officers, carries out fundraising efforts, and allocates its own resources. 

Presently, Robert Mejia serves as Faculty Advisor.


Students find the club to be a great way to relax and have fun while simultaneously being able to network, gain useful information, and learn organizational and leadership skills.