This page provides links to information regarding Senate issues that are "Work in Progress"; that is, they not completed.

Academic Support & Student Services (AS&SS)
RES 141504 Midterm Assessment Policy for Undergraduate Students
Responses to Senate Questions Regarding Midterm Assessment

Budget and Planning Committee (BPC)
RES 141507 Academic Calendar Summer 2015-Spring 2016

The proposals below are submitted for review on behalf of the Curriculum Conversion Committee (CCC):

ECON-Additional information can be found on SharePoint
RES 141506 New Concentrations for the BS in Economics

PEAK-Additional information can be found on SharePoint

RES 141510 Academic Transformation in Kinesiology

CSU Kinesiology Program Overview
KINE New Concentration Proposal

KINE New Concentration Routing Sheet
PEAK Concentrations Consultation Memos
PEAK SSE Department Summary: Curriculum Transformation
SSE Curriculum Committee Approval

RES 141509 Pilot Program for MS in Applied Nutrition

Applied Nutrition Memo
Health Department Letter of Support

Laurie Wallace Letter of Support
MSAN Routing Sheet
MSAN Pilot Program Proposal
MSAN SSE Approval

Philosophy-Additional information can be found on SharePoint
RES 141511 Academic Certificates in Philosophy

English-Additional information can be found on SharePoint
RES 141513 English Stretch Composition Program
Proposal to Modify English Stretch Courses

Math-Additional information can be found on SharePoint
RES 141512 Developmental Mathematics Program
Developmental Math Summary - Curricular Transformation
ELM Tables
t-test ELM 140 Grades

Political Science-Additional information can be found on SharePoint
RES 141508 Changes in Emphases in Political Science
Political Science Emphases Department Memorandum
Political Science 2016-2017 Proposed Schedule