View Financial Aid



View Financial Aid allows you to view your financial aid information and to take action as may be required or appropriate. You can accept, decline, and reduce award amounts. You can also request a change to your financial aid or cancel your aid.

You can view summary and detailed information of your financial aid for a specific aid year. You can view your estimated financial aid budget, expected family contribution, estimated need, total aid, and remaining need. In addition, you can view the type of award and the offered and accepted amount for each term within the aid year. You can also view your loan application status, loan amount, loan fee, net amount, and scheduled disbursement data.


Select Aid Year

To begin, you must select the aid year for which you want to accept, reduce, or decline awards. The Select Aid Year page appears after you click View Financial Aid. Once you select an aid year you can access the award acknowledgment for the specified aid year.

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Award Summary

The Award Summary displays the description, category, amount offered, and the amount accepted for each award.  You can use the Accept/Decline Awards button, to accept, reduce, or decline your awards.  The Financial Aid Summary link allows you to view the budget for the cost of your attendance at CSUB.

Award summary

Accept/Decline Awards

To accept or decline an award, click the Accept/Decline Awards button. The Accept/Decline Awards button opens the Award Package page, which shows each award, category, career, offered amount, and accepted amount. From this page, you can review the accuracy of your awards.  You can accept or decline your awards.

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Accept All

Click to accept all of the offered awards.

Decline All

Click to decline all of the offered awards.

Clear All

Click to clear the Accept and Decline check boxes.

Update Totals

Click to update the totals.


Click to submit award acknowledgment and/or change. When you click the Submit button, you can then select Yes to continue with the submission or No to cancel the submission.

Financial Aid Summary

Your Financial Aid eligibility is based on your estimated cost of attendance (budget), family contribution, and estimated need for this aid year.  The Financial Aid Summaryshows the information used in the calculation to determine your estimated financial aid need. To view the Estimated Financial Budget used in the calculation, click the underlined dollar amount. 

Financial Aid Summary

Estimated Financial Aid Budget

The Estimated Financial Aid Budget shows an estimate of items used for each term and total for the Financial Aid Year. The estimated items include books and supplies, fees, personal expenses, room and board, and transportation.  The total for the Financial Aid Year is used to determine your Cost of Attendance (Budget).

Estimated Financial Aid Budget

View Scheduled Disbursement Dates

The Scheduled Disbursement Dates page allows you to view a summary of your financial aid awards and their scheduled disbursement dates.  You must first select the aid you wish to view.  The page displays the actual disbursements to your financial account by award description, category, accepted amount, fee, if applicable, net amount (accepted amount minus the fee) and the scheduled disbursement date.  Also, you can navigate to Account Inquiry by clicking the link to view your account fees and balance.

Financial Aid disbursement schedule

Previous Transactions

The Previous Transactions page allows you to track and monitor the status of your transactions.  You can view a summary of your transaction statuses. The information shows the Sequence number, date and time of the transaction, and the status of the transaction.

Previous Transactions

Entrance Interview Information

The Entrance Interview Information link redirects you to the Federal Student Aid website. At this website, you can view information on your financial aid and access the online entrance counseling session.

Entrance Interview Information

Consumer Information

The Consumer Information link redirects you to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships website. At this website, you can view information on financial aid, scholarhips, and other consumer-related information.

Consumer Info