From the Student Center, you can maintain your Primary and Preferred Names. Your Primary Name is your legal name and is on your legal documents, such as your social security card, passport, or birth certificate. Your Preferred Name is the name you want people to call you. In addition, you can add Former, Diploma, or other names. These instructions will guide you in viewing and changing these names.

Viewing Names

  1. From the Student Center, click Names link located in the Personal Information section.

    Picture of Names link

  2. The Names page appears. You add, edit, or delete names from this page.

    Picture of Names page

Adding Names

In addition to your Primary and Preferred Names, you can add Former, Diploma, or other names. . To add a name:

  1. Click the Add A New Name buttonPicture of Names page

  2. On the Add a Name page,

    • Select a name type from the Name Type drop-down box.
    • Leave English as the Format Using type
    • If necessary, select a prefix from the Prefix drop-down box.
    • Enter your first name in the First Name field
    • If appropriate, enter your middle name in the Middle Name field
    • Enter your last name in the Last Name field
    • If appropriate, select your suffix, such as Junior, Second, Third, etc. from the Suffix drop down box.
    • If appropriate, select a future date for your name changes to take effect. Otherwise leave the default date.

    Add a name

  3. When you are satisfied with your entries, click the Save button.

  4. Click the OK button on the Save Confirmation page.

Editing Names

From the Change Name page, you can edit your Primary or Preferred name information, such as Prefix, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, or Suffix. To change your name information:

  1. From the Names page, click the Edit button beside the name you would like to update.


  2. On the Change Name page, make any changes to the following fields, as needed:

    • Prefix
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • Suffix
    • If desired, Date Changes Will Take Effect

    Change Name

  3. When you are satisfied with your changes, click the Save button to submit your changes to the system.

  4. Click the OK button on the Save Confirmation page.

Deleting Names

From the Names page, you can delete names any name, except your Primary Name. To delete a name:

  1. Click the delete button beside the desired name.


  2. Click the OK button on the Delete Confirmation page.