Registration Appointments


During open enrollment, your registration appointment appears in the Enrollment Dates box. After your registration appointment passes, the Open Enrollment Dates link appears. You can use the Open Enrollment Dates link to see the open registration dates.

Viewing Open Enrollment Datespic of Enrollment Dates box

  1. Click the Open Enrollment Dates link.

  2. When the Select term page appears, click the radio button for the term for which you would like to view the open enrollment dates and information and click Continue.

  3. Select Term picture

  4. The Open Enrollment Dates page appears, as shown below. You can change the term by clicking the Change Term button to view appointments and enrollment dates for another term.


Viewing your Registration AppointmentRegistration Appointment

  1. You can view your registration appointment date in the Enrollment Dates box, from your Student Center.

  2. Click the Details link to see detailed information about your registration appointment, such as start date, end date, start time, end time, and unit limits.

  3. When your registration appointment date and time arrives, you can click the Details link to begin registering.