Drop Classes


You can drop classes from your Student Center. The Drop Classes page launches a wizard that guides you through dropping one or more classes. These instructions will assist you using the wizard to drop classes.

Dropping Classes

  1. From your Student Center, select Enrollment: Drop from the other academic drop down box and click Go.

    other academic drop down

  2. When the Drop Classes page opens,

    • Check the Select box beside the class you want to drop
    • Click the Drop Selected Classes button

    drop classes

  3. On the 2. Confirm your selection page, click the Finsh Dropping button.

    Confirm Classes to Drop picture

  4. The View Results page appears displaying the results of your enrollment request.

    • The Message area will display either a Success message, if the class was dropped successfully, or an Error message, if the class was not dropped.¬†
    • The Status will show a picture of Success Indicator¬†indicating the Drop was successful or an picture of Errors Indicator¬†indicating the Drop was cancelled, due to errors.

    drop classes

  5. Once you are satisfied with the results, you may click the Home link to return to your Student Center.

    Home link