Accessing the Common Finance System from the CSU Portal


Instruction Illustration

Navigate your browser to

Click on the CSU Portal Login Icon

CFS CSU Portal Icon

Select the Bakersfield Campus from the drop down list and Click Login

CSU Portal Campus Select

The CSU Bakersfield login screen will appear. Please enter your NetID, your NetID password, then click on Login


Note: Your NetID is the same ID & password you login into your campus PC Workstation, Campus Wireless, etc. There are help links on that CSU Bakersfield login page if you need assistance.

CSUB Shiboleth Login

Upon successful login, you'll end up in your CSU Portal homepage.

For most Departmental users, you'll access the Financial Reports menu to get to the Data Warehouse. Fiscal (BAS) users will also be accessing the Financial Services menu to get to CFS.


CSU Portal Menu

Accessing Financial Reports

(primarily for Departmental users. Must have PeopleSoft Security Role CFSCSU_FS_DWReporting_01 to access)

Click on the Financial Reports Menu Financial Reports menu
Click on the Login link Financial Reports login page
A new browser window (or tab will appear) while you are logged into the Data Warehouse. Logging in progress page
Upon successful connection, you should get your Data Warehousing Dashboard. Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboard
Accessing Financial Services (primarily for BAS/Fiscal Services staff)
Click on the Financial Services Menu Financial Services menu highlighted
In the CFS Login box, click on the Production link FCFSPRD login link
A new browser window (or tab will appear) while you are logged into CFS. Logging In

You should now see your PeopleSoft/CFS Menu. Congratulations!


If you do not get see a menu as such and get a login page, Please see Troubleshooting at the bottom of this page.

CFS Menu
When you complete your session, click on the Sign out link and be sure to close your browser session. PS Signout

After successfully logging into the CSU Portal with your NetID & password, If you receive this login page with the message Your User ID and/or Password are invalid. when trying to access Production, this means that you do not have access to CFS. Please validate with your supervisor that you've filled out an access request form & that you've been approved for CFS access.

No PS Acct
Using Internet Explorer 9.0, CFS Data Warehouse links do not work.

In order to use Internet Explorer 9.0 for the CFS Data Warehouse, you must turn on Compatibility Mode so that you can click on any links.

Login to the CFS Data Warehouse and navigate to the Data Warehouse Dashboard. On the address bar, click on the Compatability View icon (as illustrated below):

Data Warehouse Dashboard