Class Management


As a faculty member, you need access to your class roster, enter grades, view your teaching schedule, communicate with your students, and view student information. Ycu can use the Class Management links for instructions on completing these tasks using myCSUB.

Class Management
Class Roster
  Getting Your Class Roster Web PDF
  Downloading your Class Roster Web PDF
  Printing Your Class Roster Web PDF
  Viewing Class Details Web PDF
Communicating with Students
  Emailing a Student Web PDF
  Emailing Groups of Students Web PDF
  Emailing your Entire Class Web PDF
  Emailing Attachments to Entire Class   PDF
  Entering Grades Web PDF
  Downloading Grades Web PDF
  Printing Grades Web PDF
Viewing Student Details
  Viewing Student Information Web PDF
  Viewing Student Schedules Web PDF
Understanding the Faculty Center
  Using the Faculty Center Web  
  Viewing your Teaching Schedule Web  
  Searching for Classes PDF